I believe you do not have to sacrifice style or break the bank to achieve a more environmentally sustainable lifestyle. 

My background is in marketing and sustainable development, and I have been working in environmental sustainability for the consumer products industry for the past 7 years.  Truth is, there is a lot of "greenwashing" out there.  Greenwashing means misleading people about the environmental practices of a company or the environmental benefits of a product or service.

More recently, I have become a home renovation and design enthusiast.  My husband and I live in Los Angeles with our energetic 2-year old son and lovable little dog.  We are embarking on our second home renovation project, and I have found that this process in itself can be misleading, with no real guidebook. Though lucky for us, my husband is a professional contractor!

So I decided to put together these two passions of mine - truth in "green" products and home renovation - to create a resource for people wanting to achieve more sustainable building and design.  My goal is to chronicle the process of our home renovation, and share stories along the way about the products and choices we make to be more environmentally responsible.

Our homes are the center of our lives.  The way we design, build and furnish them should make us happier and healthier.  And all the while preserving our beautiful planet so future generations can flourish, too.  So strap on your eco-chic tool belts people, and let's do this thing!

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